Breast Reconstruction

I believe and my surgical outcome results confirm the best oncological and cosmetic result for patients requiring a subcutaneous mastectomy comes with me being the cancer surgeon and my husband Assoc. Prof Bruce Johnstone, Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon doing the reconstruction.

Having two experienced surgeons reduces operative time while each focuses on their area of expertise.

We have pioneered placing implants under the skin, not the pectoral muscle using the patients own dermal flap to close the wound with stunning results and low complication rates. The success of this comes with meticulous surgical care and monitoring in the early post operative phase.

A trained Plastic Surgeon Bruce has decades of experience and a lexicon of ways to reconstruct the breast.  He is available for urgent consultations with my patients.

There are many false beliefs in breast reconstruction, including that radiotherapy can not be done with implants. Ideally we reconstructing using the simplest means to achieve an excellent cosmetic result and the patient also gets to choose if reduction or even prophylactic mastectomy for the opposite breast is what is their best surgical option. The public system does not offer this choice.