Breast Implants

Breast Implants Insertion for

1. Reconstruction – is usually done with prior placement of an expander, allowing the skin flaps to settle post surgery and volume match the opposite breast

2. Augmentation or Changeover – bilateral or unilateral for volume symmetrising is performed by A/P Bruce Johnstone, Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon.

Breast Implant Removal at patient’s request including the capsule.

Breast ultrasounds are very unreliable in predicting if a breast implant is intact.

The best imaging to assess the capsule is a breast MRI.

Since 2000 only cohesive gel implants have been available to use in Australia.

It is not true implants need changing over at 10 years.

Leaking implants where the silicone has migrated into the surrounding breast tissue or even the armpit nodes are safest removed or changed over. The consequences of leaking implants have never been proven a cancer risk.